Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week 40

We've made it in to our 40th week, and all is relatively well. I am ready for the pregnancy to be over (and the parenting to begin); the baby seems to be quite comfortable staying where she is. L says that she gets the stubbornness from my side of the family.

At the doctor this week, we picked out an induction date, just in case the baby doesn't budge. I'm glad there's an end in sight, but I really thought that things would get going on their own.

Honestly, I have to admit that I'm a little bummed that there's no sign of the baby yet today. I mean, how perfect would it be for a mom born on one all-American holiday (Thanksgiving Day) to have a daughter born on the other (Independence Day)? Then again, my sister was born on Christmas, and while my nephew was due around Easter, he wasn't born that day either. Maybe I should stop looking for patterns in these things....


  1. Walking. And sex.

    Glad you've had a overall good pregnancy experience.
    My son was born on July 6, I too was wanting a fireworks baby, but years of coordinating bday parties later, I'm glad it didn't end up that way.

    For the record, I had no clue he was planning to arrive when he did. No contractions, no dilation. I just stood up to get out of bed on the fifth (to get ready for work) and my water broke. Twenty hours later I was holding my son.

    Best of luck, be super nice to your nurses, they are really gets you through.

  2. Brett reiterates the 13th of July as a GREAT date.