Monday, November 19, 2012

"Sleeps like a baby." Yeah, right.

I left work early on Friday to take the baby to the pediatrician for her four-month well-baby visit.  She got shots, and we both seem to be handling it better now. She only screamed for a minute before falling asleep, and this time, I only got a little teary-eyed.  Then we came home and she had her first rice cereal.

Of course, she was fussy and sick all weekend. On Saturday, she barfed so much that I think we set a record in the number of outfit changes in a single day -- hers AND mine. Sometimes it seems like she holds it in until I'm the one holding her, and then she lets go.  She almost always smiles after she barfs on me, particularly if I've just showered. 

She loves to pull my hair.  I got a haircut yesterday, and when she saw me, she cried. It was like I threw out her favorite toy.

This week, she decided that she hates sleeping in her crib. She waits for me to fall asleep and then cries, inconsolably, until I take her into bed with me, which means that I'm sleeping in the guest bed about 75% of the time, so L can sleep. Then she will only sleep ON me.  Of course, on L's days off, when he goes in to console her, she seems to go right back to sleep. 

Sleeping like a baby. When it suits her.
She is SO good at daycare, all smiles and sunshine. The teachers love her to pieces: we walk in, and they all can't wait to snuggle with my baby. But they think that I'm a disaster. Today, when I took her in -- late, because she woke up at 5:30 and then fell asleep when I was trying to get us out the door --  all of the teachers were super concerned because she has a big cut on her cheek. Of course, they weren't around during the hysterical crying fit where she clawed her face.  

The worst was Friday, when they called me to ask me whether it was okay to wake her up, because she slept for over 2 hours.  Of course she sleeps there -- BECAUSE SHE WON'T SLEEP AT NIGHT, IN HER CRIB.